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Welcome to my homepage

This website is where I will have info about stuff I am working on and different tutorials.

It will also be my way for you to reach me if you have some questions.

Who is Harald Angell?

Hi, I am an Certified hypnotist, Healer and Hacker.

I been working with computers since 1999, and been walking the spiritual path since 2007.

I have always had a gift in the way I look at stuff, that I could usually see things in a different way that most other people. This has helped me a lot in my growth as a human being.

This has let me to get a very spesial view on life. Something that can be very helpful in understanding yourself.





I have setup a patreon account, this will help me to keep going with the development of tropicalfavourites.com and my game that I am developing. https://www.patreon.com/haraldangell    


If you have any questions for me or what I do, send me a email at contact@haraldangell.com